#CS4ELA is a nationwide initiative to increase the creative integration of computer science into the English Language Arts

Why computer science? 


Yes, computer science is frequently talked about today as an essential field for preparing a 21st century workforce. And that's true enough. But importantly, computer science is also an essential field for preparing a 21st century active citizenry.  It's as much about voters as it is coders. 


Why English Language Arts? 


Computer science consists greatly of programming or coding. But programming really just refers to using computational languages to talk to computers. That's right, languages. Languages is what ELA is all about. And there are creative ways to use computational languages to expand and deepen ELA curricula. 

4 Steps to Get Started

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Take a look for yourself. It's not about just adding computer science to ELA. It's about deepening ELA study through computer science. 

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